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Making a protective face mask and helping charities along the way.

There is a growing debate about the benefits of wearing a face mask and its role in slowing the spread of Covid 19, although the World Health Organisation states that it should not be substituted for other measures.  It could help to prevent you from spreading the virus if you are infectious and not yet showing symptoms, and it does stop you from touching your face when out for essentials.

I personally feel safer when I have one on and have been making them for friends and family.  In exchange I have asked if they would like to make a donation to a charity helping directly or indirectly in this crisis. They are very popular and people have been very generous giving to all kinds of charities.

If you would like to make one for yourself, friends and family, you can find a template on with full printable template, instructions and video to demonstrate how to construct one. You will need 100% cotton fabric with a close weave, the more cheerful and colourful the better. They are washable, so wash often and remember to always keep your distance, and keep washing your hands.



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Download and print mask tempate Download instructions to make mask